Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding whether or not ObamaCare is infringing upon religious liberties, particularly in the case of Hobby Lobby.

Q: Alison, where do you stand on the recent Supreme Court case regarding Hobby Lobby and religious freedom? Which side do you agree with?

According to WFPL, ”The Grimes campaign has dodged repeated questions about whether she opposes, supports or would have participated in the climate change discussion,” the #Up4Climate all night talk-a-thon put on by anti-coal Senate Democrats (including Sen. Gillibrand who hosted a fundraiser for Grimes that same morning).

Q: Alison, why won’t you tell Kentuckians where you stand on the climate change discussion? Is it because you’re afraid you might upset your donor base of anti-coal liberals or because you don’t want Kentucky voters to know where you really stand on environmental issues?



Q: Alison, do you agree with Jack Conway’s decision to not appeal Judge Heyburn’s order to recognize same-sex marriages in Kentucky or Governor Beshear’s decision to appeal Judge Heyburn’s order? 

Five years ago, Barack Obama signed his failed stimulus into law, and it fell abysmally short of expectations. Obama’s stimulus failed to fulfill the unemployment promise of Obama’s economic advisors, went to Obama’s wasteful pet projects, and cost taxpayers $830 billion. Since Obama signed the stimulus, only 16,395 more Kentuckians are employed, and Kentucky’s labor force has shrunk by 15,129.

All Democrats in the Senate voted for Obama’s failed stimulus bill.

Q: Alison, would you have voted for Obama’s failed stimulus bill?

Q: Alison, do you support reopening ANWR to boost America’s domestic energy production?


Grimes “Wouldn’t Say Whether She’d Back Oil Drilling In Alaska’s Artic National Wildlife Refuge.” “In the interview, Grimes wouldn’t say whether she’d back oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (when pressed, she said she’d ‘consider’ it).”  (Manu Raju, “Bluegrass Bravado: Untested Alison Lundergan Grimes Takes On Mitch McConnell,” Politico, 1/23/14)

Q: Alison, should taxes be raised on Kentucky families?


Grimes “Brushed Aside A Question About Raising Taxes For Families Who Earn More Than $250,000.” “She brushed aside a question about raising taxes for families who earn more than $250,000 — saying only that the budget shouldn’t be balanced on the ‘backs of hard-working Kentuckians’ and attacking McConnell for ‘looking out for the top 1 percent.’” (Manu Raju, “Bluegrass Bravado: Untested Alison Lundergan Grimes Takes On Mitch McConnell,” Politico, 1/23/14)

Q: Alison, should ObamaCare’s individual mandate be delayed one year?


Grimes Dodges “A Simple Question” About Delaying ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate For A Year. “A simple question posed to Grimes about a key provision in Obamacare — should the mandate on individuals to buy insurance be put off for a year? — prompts an answer about easing the burden on small businesses and a shot at McConnell. ‘Well, if Sen. McConnell was serious at all about helping the people here in Kentucky, looking out for their health, he wouldn’t have laughed in their faces when it came to unemployment insurance benefits,’ she said during the interview in her hometown of Lexington, following a speech to a meeting of businesswomen lunching at a beer distribution plant.” (Manu Raju, “Bluegrass Bravado: Untested Alison Lundergan Grimes Takes On Mitch McConnell,” Politico, 1/23/14)